WACHUSETT REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT     Holden-Paxton-Princeton-Rutland-Sterling
Core Curriculum in Our Schools

Our core academic curriculum is built on the following truths about learning:

  • Reading is Thinking
  • Writing is Decision-Making
  • Math is Problem-Solving 

To ensure these ideals are embedded in daily teaching and learning, the Wachusett Regional School District is a "workshop district." The workshop model allows a structured, comprehensive approach to learning that nurtures understanding, builds on foundational skills, and provides customized learning for all students.

Find out more about the workshop model in our literacy and mathematics curricula.
21st Century Learning in Our Schools

The Wachusett Regional School District is committed to helping our students develop the college and career readiness skills they will need to find success beyond our schools. Given our challenges, we will need to innovate our approaches, find efficiencies where possible, and support the ongoing efforts of our teachers and administrators to embrace 21st century learning. To this end, the District embarked on a number of initiatives through our AIM21 campaign. In order to provide students with career competencies they will need, our schools are building 21st Century Skills into all curriculum areas. As we address the demand for digital literacy in the 21st century, classrooms are integrating digital Learning Tools as a vehicle for instruction. Digital Conversion and green school efforts are reducing waste and energy consumption to realize financial efficencies and protect our environment.

Response to Intervention in Our Schools

The goal of Response to Intervention (RTI) is to improve student learning through a collegial, team-based process. RTI validates ‘good teaching’ methods while providing for a sharing of more ideas to yield success. The RTI process results in a consistent problem-solving approach for struggling students. Intervention plans are developed around a three tiered-approach. FInd out more about our approach to RTI in the District

Professional Development in Our Schools

Job-embedded instructional coaching is the primary mechanism for professional development in the District at the K-8 level. Instructional coaching allows teachers to bridge knowledge gathered in workshops and professional readings to classroom application. Find out more about instructional coaching in the District.