Literacy Instruction in the Wachusett 
Regional School District

Literacy is the core of the curriculum in our schools. Based on this premise, the District launched an ongoing initiative to continually improve our approach to literacy. As we seek cutting edge methods and well-articulated goals, we continue to better support our students. Our literacy initiative is a response to the following needs:

  • Common district approaches to literacy instruction 
  • Further support for struggling learners 
  • Clarification of benchmarks 
  • Development of data analysis to further inform instruction 

Our overarching goal for the initiative is the development of a balanced, comprehensive literacy program that promotes improved achievement for all children. We emphasize a focus on strategies to improve proficiency among students who struggle and expand approaches to differentiate instruction for those students already proficient or exceeding standards.

Balanced Literacy in the WRSD is based upon a workshop model and a foundational skill focus.

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