Planning Math Workshop

Planning math workshop involves three key components: identifying year-long trajectories, mapping monthly units of study, and developing daily focus lessons. Visit Planning Math Workshop to find trajectories, templates, and sample units and focus lessons. 
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What is Math Workshop?

Math Workshop (MW) is a comprehensive, customized approach that addresses the needs of all students in a classroom. MW begins with a focus lesson where the teacher explicitly models a strategy or skill, or presents a provocation. After the focus lesson, the students investigate independently to practice the strategy or skill, or develop a solution to the provocation. 

During independent problem solving, students use the focus skills and strategies to solve the proposed provocation or further develop focus lesson skills/strategies through math games, individual investigations, centers, and small-group or 1:1 instruction. One-to-one conferring allows the teacher to be sure students are successful in their application of skills/strategies or to provide targeted instruction around any particular needs.  

Finally, MW ends with a group share to expose mathematical thinking and guide discussion on "big ideas" and strategies.
Structure of Math Workshop
Focus Lesson
5-15 minutes
  • Whole-group instruction
  • Use EM guide and other resources
  • Anchor charts
  • Provocation/investigation posed
  • Think aloud
Independent Problem Solving
30-40 minutes
  • Small-group instruction
  • Conferring
  • Independent/small-group math games, investigations, centers, assessment
  • Computational fluency/differentiated practice
  • Math Notebooks
Group Share
15-25 minutes
  • Expose math thinking
  • Add to/develop anchor charts
  • Discussion of "big ideas"
  • Synthesis of new understandings
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