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Planning Middle Level Math Workshop 

Planning for Math Workshop begins with developing a year-long trajectory for units of study demonstrating the following:

  • Alignment with common core standards for mathematics
  • Specification of key concepts for each unit as outlined in the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics
  • Incorporation of Standards for Mathematical Practice
Structure of Math Workshop
Focus Lesson
10 minutes

  • Whole-group instruction
  • Anchor charts
  • Provocation/investigation posed
  • Think aloud
Independent Problem Solving
30 minutes
  • Small-group instruction
  • 1:1 instruction (conferring)
  • Independent/small-group math games, investigations
  • Khan Academy (or similar self-paced exploration)
  • Computational fluency/differentiated practice
  • Math Journals (daily provocations)
  • Textbook-guided practice/learning
Group Share
5-10 minutes
  • Whole-group instruction
  • Expose math thinking
  • Add to/develop anchor charts
  • Discussion of "big ideas"
  • Synthesis of new understandings
Workshop Structure

The structure of Math Workshop provides opportunity for explicit instruction during the focus lesson and group share, while reserving ample time for small-group instruction, 1:1 intervention, and differentiated learning during Independent Problem-Solving.

Units of Study

Grade levels will work together to plan units of study that reflect the structure of Math Workshop, Common Core Standards alignment, and pacing based on assessment expectations.  Sample units will be posted on this site as they are developed. 

Focus Lessons

Once unit mapping is complete, teachers will develop focus lessons that correlate with each day in the unit of study. Using the unit of study map for a particular math topic, teams of teachers or individuals will develop focus lessons using the Math Focus Lesson Template.
Intervention in Math Workshop

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a problem-solving approach to intervention. In the Wachusett Regional School District, RTI is embedded in and around the workshop model. RTI is a tiered approach to intervention for students in academic and behavioral areas. The structure of RTI differs in elementary and middle school grades but the underpinnings are identical. 
Find Out about RTI in Middle School
Independent Provocations Seeded in the Focus Lesson

Independent Problem-Solving provides ample time for students to grapple with a provocation launched by the teacher during the Focus Lesson. Provocations can be solved by individuals or by small groups of students, depending on the purpose. In the video below, Jo Boaler demonstrates a simple provocation that yields extensive mathematical thinking among students.
View the Middle School Math Workshop Prezi  from our Professional Development Day!
View the Middle School Math Workshop Overview from our Professional Development Day!