Year-Long Math Workshop Trajectories
WACHUSETT REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT     Holden-Paxton-Princeton-Rutland-Sterling
Planning Math Workshop

Planning for Math Workshop begins with developing a year-long trajectory for units of study demonstrating the following:

  • Alignment with common core standards for mathematics
  • Specification of key concepts for each unit as outlined in the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics
  • Incorporation of Standards for Mathematical Practice
Structure of Math Workshop
Focus Lesson
5-15 minutes
  • Whole-group instruction
  • Use EM guide and other resources
  • Anchor charts
  • Provocation/investigation posed
  • Think aloud
Independent Problem Solving
30-40 minutes
  • Small-group instruction
  • Conferring
  • Independent/small-group math games, investigations, centers, assessment
  • Computational fluency/differentiated practice
  • Math Notebooks
Group Share
15-25 minutes
  • Expose math thinking
  • Add to/develop anchor charts
  • Discussion of "big ideas"
  • Synthesis of new understandings
Units of Study

Once the year-long trajectory has been established, the next step involves mapping each unit of study over the course of one or more months. Using the Template for Units of Study, plan the progession of understandings and skill development in a cohesive manner. Since the workshop model is based on data-driven instruction, these unit maps may change over the course of the month. They are intended to be used as a roadmap, allowing for modifications based on data trends. 

Sample Units of Study

Each grade level will share similar unit of study maps, as the content and progression of skills are constant throughout the District. However, teachers will  customize their maps to best meet the needs of students in their classrooms. Frequent assessment and progress monitoring will help teachers determine what modifications will be necessary to evolve highly effective units of study for each math topic. The units of study on this page are samples and should be modified to meet student needs in individual classrooms. 

Focus Lessons

Once unit mapping is complete, teachers will develop focus lessons that correlate with each day in the unit of study. Using the unit of study map for a particular math topic, teams of teachers or individuals will develop focus lessons using the Math Focus Lesson Template. The focus lessons on this page are samples and should be used as models for focus lesson development.
September Starter Units
September Sample Lessons
October Sample Units
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Independent Problem Solving
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Independent Problem Solving
November Sample Units
Capturing math thinking in Math Notebooks
Anchor charts to support math understandings
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December Sample Units