What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a tiered approach to early identification and intervention for students with learning needs. In the Wachusett Regional School District, the RTI process involves three tiers of support. Tier I includes the following components?

  • Universal screening for all students in reading and mathematics in elementary grades
  • Research-based Tier I instruction for all students in grades K-8 in the form of Readers' Workshop, Writers' Workshop, and Mathematics Workshop
  • Ongoing assessment and intervention embedded in the workshop model in the form of small-group instruction and conferring

When students do not respond adequately to Tier I instruction and intervention, Tier II supports are applied. Tier II in the WRSD includes the following components: 

  • Referral to a school-based RTI Team to oversee development of an RTI Intervention Plan
  • Administration of a "second dose" of intervention during the RTI block (20-30 minutes with regular frequency) in elementary schools or during class in middle schools
  • "Second dose" intervention that is distinct from Tier I and provided either by a classroom teacher or highly-qualified intervention provider, such as a Title I teacher (aides should provide support to other students during RTI time so that the most highly qualified educator can provide the intervention for Tier II)
  • Progress monitoring to ensure gains are achieved within a 6-12 week treatment window (as determined in the RTI Intervention Plan)

​When students do not respond adequately to Tier I and Tier II intervention, Tier III supports are applied. Tier III in the WRSD includes the following components:

  • Administration of an additional  "third dose" of intervention with distinct strategies and approaches in relation to Tiers I and II
  • Third dose provided by intervention specialist such as Title I teacher, special educator, school psychologist, etc. 
  • RTI Intervention Plan expanded to include "third dose" of interventions and target dates for progress spanning a 6-12 week time period
  • Frequent progress monitoring to measure growth and alter intervention plan accordingly

Resources to Support RTI

There are numerous resources supporting RTI in schools and classrooms, including the following:

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RTI Teams

Understanding RTI 

Tier I Interventions

Tier II Interventions