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What is Readers' Workshop?

Readers’ Workshop (RW) is a research-based approach that addresses the needs of all students in a classroom. RW begins with a focus lesson where the teacher explicitly models a strategy or skill. After the focus lesson, the students read independently to practice the strategy or skill. 

During independent reading, students are reading “just-right” books that are matched to their individual abilities and interests. The teacher confers with students during independent reading to be sure they are successful in their practice or to provide 1:1 instruction around any particular needs. Sometimes, the teacher may work with a small group of students who have similar needs during independent reading. 

Finally, RW ends with a group share to summarize the important understandings of the lesson.

The structured nature of RW builds a predictable routine and guarantees opportunities for differentiated instruction and intervention.
Focus Lesson
15 minutes
  • Whole-group instruction
  • Explicit modeling 
  • Anchor charts
  • Guided practice
Independent Reading
30-40 minutes
  • Independent reading with "just-right" texts
  • Small-group instruction
  • Conferring
Group Share
5 minutes
  • Summarize learning
  • Share strategies
Structure of Readers' Workshop
Feature Film: An Overview of Readers' Workshop
Feature Film: Conferring